Botanical Gardens in Gibraltar Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography and Videography at the Botanical Gardens in Gibraltar

The Gibraltar Botanic Gardens is one of the best places for your backdrop for your wedding photos with the stunning green and flowered backgrounds. One of the most popular venues for an al-fresco wedding, The Dell is a secluded, romantic, Italian garden hidden away in the depths of the Botanical Gardens. Here, you may be married in an intimate ceremony surrounded by tropical plants and flowers, which provide a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding photos.

The Alameda Botanic Gardens have an enviable position on the lower slope of the Rock of Gibraltar, with views of the Mediterranean below. It was originally created as a recreational area for off-duty British soldiers, Gibraltar Botanic Gardens (The Alameda) welcomes tourists and locals wishing to escape the heat or simply take a leisurely stroll. British Governor George Don commissioned a walking path around the main square in 1815, which was later expanded into a network of paths and terraced beds. In the first half of the 90s, The neglected gardens underwent renovation, at which point a zoo was added to the site. Apart from the four howitzer cannons guarding the bronze bust of General Eliot, the gardens boast an open-air theatre that can also serve as a wedding venue.

For more information or to arrange your wedding ceremony contact the Alameda Gardens on or +350 20041235

Botanical Gardens Gibraltar Wedding Photographer 30/10/2011